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How does it work?

How long does it take to make a board?

What is the print area of the V-One?

Can the V-One make vias and through holes?

Does the V-One pick-and-place components?

Can it print more than 2 layers?

Conductive ink and printing

How long does an ink cartridge last?

Are there frequency or current limitations?

Does the ink deteriorate over time?

How does this ink compare to copper?

Am I limited in what components I can use?

Solder paste and reflow

How long does a paste cartridge last?

How long does it take to paste and reflow?

Can I use my own paste and reflow profile?

Does the solder paste contain lead?

Am I limited in what components I can use?

Desktop software

Is the software free?

Do I have to learn a new CAD tool?

Does it update automatically?

Is the software complicated to use?

V-One Drill attachment

What bit sizes are included?

How are vias and through holes created?

Can I route shapes? What about copper?

What hazards are there? I heard FR4 dust is toxic

I already have a V-One, will it work?

Experiment with the V-One

Can I print with my own inks?

What substrates can I print on?

Do you have inks for flexible electronics?

Can I get an empty cartridge?

Shipping to my country

What is the cost to ship to my country?

Can I use my own shipping account?

How can I pay?

Are taxes and duties included?

It's something else

What is your warranty policy?

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Do you provide education discounts?

Do you provide an electronics curriculum?

I'm an ink manufacturer. Can you help?

I'd like to be a reseller for Voltera.

Want to get specifics?

Let's build a quote for you!