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Conductor 3 Ink - 2mL Cartridge

Conductor 3 Ink - 2mL Cartridge


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Printer compatability:

  • V-One

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The Conductor 3 ink is optimized for printing both rigid and flexible circuits. The printer lays down silver conductive ink to make the traces and pads that comprise your circuit board. After thermal curing, the ink is conductive and ready for reflow.


  • Recommended curing temperature is 90°C for 5 minutes, then 120°C for 20 minutes (temperature measured at ink surface).

  • Compatible with FR1, FR4, and flexible substrates.

  • For best results, cure immediately after printing.

  • Solder with tin-bismuth-silver solder wire and flux at 180°C, or use preset profile for reflow soldering.

Cartridges must be kept refrigerated, and have a shelf life of 12 months.


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