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The future of printed electronics

Unlock new opportunities and accelerate research and development with high-resolution printing using a range of functional materials and screen-printable inks.

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NOVA is the world’s first printer designed for creating soft, stretchable, and conformable electronics. The fancy term for NOVA’s technology is direct-write, extrusion printing, which means you can print material exactly where you want it, and nowhere else. Its applications are limitless.

NOVA features:

  • Semi-automated calibration routine.
  • Vacuum table and custom fixturing elements allow you to directly print onto soft, flexible, 3D printed and unevenly shaped materials.
  • NOVA uses a smart dispenser to sense pressure, temperature, and viscosity of any ink or screen-printable material.
  • Intelligent integrated vision system allows you to align and inspect prints quickly using an onboard camera with AR print overlay features.
  • Built to be modular, NOVA grows with you and for you. Two modules — the dispenser and precision touch probe — are included with the base platform at launch, with additional modules on the product roadmap.

What's included

In the box you'll find all the accessories you need to get started:

  • NOVA
  • Smart Dispenser
  • Smart Probe
  • Vacuum module
  • Pressure sensor - 3 pack
  • Anchor mount - 4 pack
  • Swivel mount - 4 pack
  • Thumb screws - 4 pack
  • Clear cartridges - 4 pack
  • UV blocking cartridges - 4 pack
  • Luer couplers - 4 pack
  • Tip cap - 3 pack
  • Pistons - 16 pack
  • Conductive ink
  • 100um Subrex nozzles - 4 pack
  • 150um Subrex nozzles - 4 pack
  • 225um Subrex nozzles - 4 pack
  • PET substrate sheets - 10 pack
  • Polyimide substrate sheets - 2 pack
  • TPU substrate sheets - 5 pack
  • Nozzle wrench
  • WiFi dongle
  • Cleaning brush
  • Plus the power cable, power adapter, ethernet cable, and user guide


For customers in Canada and USA, feel free to purchase directly through our store. For international customers, you can find a reseller through the link below:

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