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T4 Solder Paste Sn42Bi57.6Ag0.4 - 2mL Cartridge

T4 Solder Paste Sn42Bi57.6Ag0.4 - 2mL Cartridge


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Printer compatability:

  • V-One
  • NOVA

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Dispensing solder is so easy with the V-One solder paste cartridges. Snap on this RoHS solder paste cartridge and the V-One will dispense solder paste onto the pads of your board. This solder paste is compatible with V-One printed boards and prefabricated circuit boards.


  • Particle size — T4
  • Alloy — Sn42Bi57.6Ag0.4

Each cartridge prints approximately 11,000 0603 pads.

Cartridges must be kept refrigerated, and have a shelf life of 8 months.


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